Mirato MEA

Mirato MEA

Company Overview

The combined years of experience and expertise has enabled our company to establish a joint venture with Mirato Italy by ensuring that our customers receive reliable and tested products. 

Our responsibility is to guarantee to all those that use our products and services receive a very high qualitatively production standard. Always striving to provide the best products to our customers.

With a deep product portfolio all under one roof, Mirato MEA is able to bring consumers a specialized and high-end products. 
We are the leading aerosol and liquid shower gel manufacturer in the Middle East. Providing customers with a highly professional service 

while using the latest Italian technologies and packaging that not only meets rigorous industry requirements, but most importantly, the everyday needs and expectations of consumers worldwide. Consumers are attracted by the format’s ease of use and convenience. Equally important, in an increasingly crowded retail environment, we provide brands with a unique, eye-catching package under the License of Mirato Italy

Mirato MEA
Mirato MEA
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